Big Island Journey December 2019

Had my first off-Kauai vacation in 6 years. Got to see the Maunas again. Got to go boogie boarding at the best beach (IMO) in Hawaii at the Mauana Kea Beach Hotel beach. Soft white sand, a fun wave that just kept breaking. Felt like a kid again. Then snorkeling at Honaunay Two-Step. Diving straight into deep clear waters teeming with life – just awesome. Got to hang with my dear friend of almost 50 years now Art Hodge. Then went on a personal retreat for 3 days at the the Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Wood Valley in Pahala – Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling So peaceful, quiet, and charged with spiritual energy of a place his holiness the Dalai Lama has visited and gave teachings at twice. Meditating in a space he gave teachings from was auspiciously wondrous. Then on to Volcano Village to hang with Art some more and see the changes that 30 years had brought to a place that was home to me. Rainy, cool, and full of creative energy just as always. Though Halemaumau has transformed significantly since the days I lived there. A very relaxing and rejuvenating journey.

Anehoomalu Sunset South Kohala