Catching up

Another photo catching the fire of the setting sun on the ocean undulations. Using the cover of an ironwood tree catching the golden blast of the setting sun and a sunset cruise boat. And a mother and child Moorish Idol pair munching on algae or coral.

Poipu sunsets and non-humans

Some really nice sunsets at Poipu Beach in the past week. Lots of visiting monks seals and green sea turtles too. I found one photo especially striking, the one I named ocean lava. I did not see the “lava light” when I was shooting the photo, just the sunset. I did not edit this photo. The sun had just set and the bending light somehow cast red streaks on the ocean surface. dt

Nice day at Poipu Beach

Went snorkeling with my brother at Poipu Beach Park. So many fish. One giant school that must have included hundreds of fish. Got one photo of a Moorish Idol before I used up the camera’s memory – forgot to put in a SD memory card. Went back for sunset and it was a nice one. I am blessed to live in a beautiful space.