About Me

I have  been a practitioner of Vajryana Buddhism since 1984. It has brought me deep peace and encouragement to engage life with an open heart and mind. I have written haiku for over four decades as a way to focus my monkey mind and transform verbosity into concise clarity. In my photography I try to create from that place of peace and spaciousness. I started making photo haiku several years ago in an attempt to fuse Buddhist haiku with photos that give one pause. I have noticed that occasionally one of my photos brings me pause all by itself. Those are the ones I have shared in these galleries in addition to the photo haiku. I volunteer at the 88 Shrines of Lawai run by the Lawai International Center  cleaning the statues and shrines. This service to the emanations of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas has enriched my live immeasurably. I also share a gallery of those statues and one of the memorial statuary of the builders of the 88 Shrines in the Lawai Cemetary. May some of these photos bring your mind to stillness and open the door to let the light of your awakened mind shine forth. Aloha, and in gassho  David Thorp